What the heck color is it?

I have a friend who does hair and nails and I’ve taken quite some time off from doing my nails and thought… ya… why not. So I go in and get ’em done. She’s FAMOUS for being daring with hair color! I LOVE what she does. She’s always got something fun herself as well as with her children and many clients.

I would LOVE to do something like that, I tell her, but I’m too conservative and don’t think I could actually follow through with it! I teach 2nd Grade and although there are certainly teachers who express their individuality through their hair, tattoos, piercings, style of dress, or what have you… I’m not one of them. I wore black capris, a v-neck blouse, and sandals today …complimentary jewelry and my hair … well… you’ll see it.

I’ve been with the same hair stylist for 19 years now and it’s not this gal. I’m a weirdo when it comes to other people doing my hair. In all of these years, we’ve only had one hiatus… my wedding was on the same day as her first niece’s first birthday. She HAD to be there and it was out of town (4 hours away). Initially, I planned to do my hair myself. I’ve never let anyone do my hair except for Wendy! I did decide that stunning wedding hair was what I wanted and not just an everyday style, so I did end up finding someone 2 days before my wedding. I loved Meagan, but after a short time, I was back to my gal! Wendy is my gal and… well… Wendy’s my gal end of story.

So… I return for a follow up nail appointment 3 weeks later and this friend says, “You know, I have a toner that I could put on your hair to calm down the gold in your hair a little.” Hmmm… I ask, “What would that look like?”

“Like an ash blond.”

“I wonder if I’d like that. I did that a couple years ago and it really wasn’t for me. I did go a little darker with my color a couple months ago, though and did really like it.”

Remember all that talk about the dress? Blue with black or whatever it was? Ugh! That seriously drove me bananas to see what a fuss people made over it!

Well… I feel like a freakin’ idiot now because I need to make a fuss about color. My hair! I walked in the door from my appointment and my husband says, “Baby. Oh wow (like in a good way). I like what you did with your hair.” At this point, I hadn’t really seen it in good light yet (when I was at the shop, the lighting wasn’t great, but when I looked at it, it seemed fine to me… and the conditioning treatment was amazing). I say to my husband, “You like it?”

“Yes. It’s blue. I can’t believe you like it… or would do that… but I do like it.”

“BLUE?!? Are you KIDDING ME?!?” I run into the bathroom. It’s dark and the light isn’t great, but I don’t THINK it looks blue. Ugh! I’m frantic.

In the morning, I’m outside doing this and that… I decide to take a photo to see what it looks like in natural light.

This is what it looked like the next day

That same day, my 14 year old daughter says, “Cool, Mom! I love your green hair!”



I get to work today and sit through n hour and a half meeting in close-quarters with four other people. Nobody says anything about my hair (and this is a group of 4 women who are very close with one another). I’m friends with two of the gals outside of work. Nobody says a thing! I’m feelin’ good!

Another half hour goes by and I see two colleagues in the hallway,

“OMGOSH! I LOVE your HAIR!” Donna says.

“What? What do you see?” I ask her.

“I love the grey in it. Like kind of an hombre greyish silver” and the male colleague standing with her agrees. He sees (and likes) the grey.


As soon as I get my students in the classroom, three girls say to me, “PINK HAIR! OMGOSH MAESTRA! I love it!”

WHAT?!? They think it’s pink? This is craziness. I still have no idea what color it is.

“Toner” happened Friday. It looked blue to me in the mirror at home this morning. Now, it’s Tuesday in early morning natural light. What COLOR is it?

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