I love ketchup 

Usually takes us quite some time to go through an entire bottle of ketchup, but I think it’s probably my favorite condiment. I love spicy stuff– like hot hot salsa, but ketchup… ya… that’s where it’s AT!

ketchup stain heart shape love food
hahahahaaaa perfect

In the last year or two, my husband has come to the point where he’s putting hot sauce of one kind or another on most everything he eats! He’s so funny! I see him going to the refrigerator and I know what he’s going for…

Hot Sauce LawsuitYep! That’s definitely his ‘jam.’


About a month or so ago, I encountered the perfect marriage. You can imagine the glee when I encountered something to please both my husband’s and my own tastebuds! Introducing Sciracha Ketchup! Imagine how much love he wanted to give me THAT night! Yes! He was ECSTATIC!

sriracha ketchup


We’ve made some good headway on this beast of a condiment. Potatoes, eggs, burgers, rice… omgosh! I realize that may be a little over the top for some, but that’s definitely how we roll! This stuff is incredible. Only had it a few weeks and it’s at least 1/2 gone already!

I was at the store the other day grabbing some items to make some cupcakes for one of our kiddos and saw… this!

I text my husband to tell him what I’ve found. He replies with fervor, “UT OH!!! Looks trouble! (So get some)!”

I say, “DUH! I’m one step ahead of you, Baby,” and send him a photo of my cart (before telling him about the find).


First ketchup and sriracha and now ketchip and jalapeño?!? Hold on! This is getting a little out of HAND! Spicy food lovers and ketchup lovers are going to need to be exercising some serious willpower. I can see it a problem to want to eat when I’m not hungry just so I can have some jalapeño ketchup!

We were putting the groceries away and he grabbed the sriracha ketchup out of the fridge and begins to compare the ingredients. “They look basically the same, but you know the Heinz stuff isn’t going to be as good as the Sriracha! Everyone and their grandma can make ketchup, but nobody makes Sriracha like Sriracha.” Omgosh! I seriously thought I was going to DIE LAUGHING! Sriracha ketchup people… NO… you may NOT use that without paying us!

Life with us is freaking FUNNY!


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