Powerful Progress

A year or so ago, I decided I was sick of always needing a modification for pull-ups. I committed to getting better at my technique and set a goal of wanting to do 6-10 unassisted legitimate pull-ups- like the big boys and girls. 

I’m at the gym 5 days a week and almost everyday, I did a few. I asked some people – fellow athletes as well as friends and trainers- what they could suggest to help me and I tried everything. 

After 11 months at this, I saw very little progress. I was super upset about it and threw in the towel. Whatever! I’m out. 

Here’s an fb post from the day I decided to hop back on board… 

Thank you Hillary & Jaime!

That was my 2nd day of working the Armstrong Pullup Program. Obviously, it’s been about a month and I’m doing Armstrong 4-5 days/wk (5 is recommended). Going well so far and I’m certainly feeling stronger! 

It’s challenging to incorporate a pullup workout into my routine- so I come early and get it done (while I’m fresh) or do I do it after my workout (when I have more time, but am wipes out). These logistical things are working themselves out. 

I’m feeling stronger and some I work with at the gym are curious and trying it out. 

Fitness– strength– hasn’t always been my thing. I’ve certainly been on a journey. This is a powerful journey and I’m excited to write more about it and equally excited to help others find not only peace, but joy.., and LIFE  with their own fitness level. 

Some days, I’ve done over a hundred (assisted) pull-ups as part of my training. This week- one of my workouts was training sets (which for me is 6 pull-ups) to failure. Last week, my training set was 5 and after going 17 sets and not failing, I knew I had to up it this time around. That’s some powerful stuff, my friends! 85 freaking pull-ups?!? Ya baby! 

This week, I was trying some of my training sets (of 6) unassisted and was getting it. I had to do a film for my fitness challenge group and didn’t remember until I was super tired, but here’s a viddy of super tired me on my 12th set! DAYYYYUNG!! 


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