Fear is a powerful thing

I can tell you right off that there will be future posts on fear. Fear is such an incredibly powerful topic! I have a lot of fears, so there’s so much to write about. This fear, though… DANG it!! It GRIPS me! In fact, one of the best motivational speakers I’ve encountered in Jon Acuff. His book, Start, is one you you absolutely MUST read! When it comes to overcoming fears, there is incredible power in this book!



Two years ago, we were house-hunting. On my list was a bigger yard (where we could have a garden that got plenty of sun) for the things I want to grow (which had not been successful in 5 years of trying different things at our previous home. Also, on the list was to have a pool (the kids and I want that) or a community pool (more my husband’s preference).

We knew of two communities that had pool associations, so we looked there first. Out of all of the homes in both of those neighborhoods, there was rumor of one foreclosure and one home listed for sale. Funny story about the foreclosure… I’ll write about that in a future post about house-hunting. Let’s talk about the house listed… that’s where the fear comes into play!

The curb appeal for this house was probably a 7 out of ten. Most importantly, it was brick (something that my husband and I both loved)! We immediately saw a challenge with the garage; it was parallel to the street and a hard 90º angle would be needed to get into it- a tough trick with plenty of room, of which there was not. That was a big negative, but when we got inside, I really loved a lot about the house. Even though we have a big family, it seemed to be just about right. The yard had some challenges and might not be perfect for my gardening goals, but I could see how to make it work. Even though I prefer a view of our town’s beautiful river and lights in town, this house had a view of the canyon. Friends told me about having deer in their yards and seeing them dot the hillside for much of the year! Oohhhhh this will be great for all of us!

We made our way to the side yard and continued looking at the trees and landscaping when, to my absolute HORROR– and that is no exaggeration– I saw it! Yep! A snake! All of a sudden, the garage was an absolute NO WAY, the powder room in the kitchen was disgusting, the yard would NOT work, I hated the curb appeal, and there was just too much that was in the NO column. Took about 45 seconds to be OFF that property with the goal of never returning! Moving on… but definitely NOT to this snake-infested house!

We finally did land on a home about a 2 minute walk from that property, but it did not butt-up to the canyon. No way, José! Not happening! We have loved a lot about our home. The home with the snakes (yes, plural… I know I know saw one that day, but I guarantee there was an infestation! lol), well… unfortunately, that home (along with 29 other homes in our neighborhood) was lost in a fire in 2015. We became very close friends with the people who ended up moving in to that home as a result of a strong community bond that was birthed the when we all came through the neighborhood the morning after the fire.

So… we’ve been in our house for just shy of two years now. Lots of updating projects and way more space than anyone would ever know what to do with. We enjoy our home both indoors and outdoors– with plenty of space and sunshine for a wonderful vegetable garden!

My daughters and I arrived home from school and work on a moderate-temperature Spring afternoon. The girls were digging in the yet-to-be planted flowerbed near the front porch. They wanted to sit on the chairs and read. Perfect! They were actually getting along. I made a trip from the car into my house and as I got to the door, I heard the blood-curdling screech of one child… then the other. “AHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Mom!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!”

What on Earth?



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