Being Appreciated

There is power in receiving expressions of appreciation from others.

I’m a teacher– been in the classroom in the same district 20 years now. My current position is 2nd Grade- I’ve been here 8 years. Because teachers mostly work with students- just one adult in the room, there’s not a lot of gratitude, recognition, appreciation, etc… that comes our way.

This week- first week in May-  is Teacher Appreciation Week. If you have children, have a friend, family member, or acquaintance who is (or was) a teacher, it is merited to express your appreciation. Nothing elaborate is required- and nothing is expected.

Possibly my favorite Teacher Appreciation gift was something a parent did 3 years ago– pulled  my kiddos out two at a time (pre-arranged, of course) and asked me to just trust her and let her do it. Soooooo special! (Icing on the cake was that this was the one and only year I’ve had one of my biological children in my class. This special treasure has my baby girl’s thumbprint from when she was 7! So awesome!)

Our PTA likes to do theme days and yesterday was school supply day! If you don’t know it already, most teachers love (alright… are obsessed with) school supplies.

Today, the PTA had a catered lunch for us. A roommate of mine from… long ago…and her husband (who was her boyfriend when we all worked at Applebee’s 20 years ago) own a gyro trailer and it is TO DIE FOR! I happen to be obsessed with The Traditional! Lamb/beef, spinach, tzaziki, and more… yummmmmmm! It was awesome that they brought their menu along and I could make it just like they do! Omgosh! So awesome! Seriously GO to Chris & Beck’s!

1302 N Miller St

Wenatchee, WA

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How sweet is this?!? I had this waiting on my desk this morning from a colleague! Who doesn’t love EOS?

I sent flowers from the yard to school w my kids, AdvoCare Spark and snack bars, and a gift card to

These expressions of appreciation go a long way. Your average full time teacher works 55-60 hours per week, yet only gets paid to work 37.5 hours. Why would we work without being compensated? Because we love kids and want to be the best teacher they’ve ever had! Of course, teacher compensation is a hot topic.

There is incredible power when someone is made to feel appreciated!
Here’s how our family appreciates our favorite teachers : Ms. Fox, WSU Alumni teacher, and a special card and gift certificate for our highschooler’s fav. 


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