The Family Walk

Here’s a place where you’ll find power… take a family walk.

Sitting with my one-week-away-from 14-year-old daughter this afternoon, she says to me, ” Mommy?” Oh great! This can’t be going somewhere good. That sweet tone is tell-tale all in itself.

“Yes, Honey,” I say. “What is it”

“Mommy, can we go on more walks like we did last night?”

It’s been warming up during the day for a couple weeks, but now the evenings are getting warm enough to be outside as well. After wrapping up our dinner, I asked my husband if we could load the pugs and kids into the truck and head down to the little spot we had gone to (just as a couple) the day before.

We made the short 5-minute drive to our local riverfront trail, but rather than walk the main trail, we took a very little-known gravel path. This way we could go into a clearing (where the dogs might get to chase [or get scared by] the geese) and let the dogs off their leashes.

So fun to let them run free and get themselves all filthy with mud from a shallow creek bed. That creek bed proved to be a lot of fun for our older girl, who found the clayish bottom to be highly entertaining- even therapeutic! She made a beautiful perfect clay sphere and insisted on bringing it home.Everyone got their shoes a little muddy, played fetch with the dogs, laughed, had one-on-one time, and alone quiet time.

So again… To today’s conversation with my girl…

“Mommy, can we go on more walks like we did last night?”

“Did you like that?”

“Yes. I loved just being out there, and talking, and walking, and being together, and being alone. We should do that more.”

“I agree.”

“Like maybe as it’s hotter in the evening, we can just go back down to the river.”

“I love that idea.”

“Ya. Me too.”


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